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IF you have been recently terminated from employment, do not sign any Release until you consult with an employment lawyer. The law is a very specialized field and it would take a hundred lifetimes to master them all.  As the saying goes: "a Jack of all trades is  master  of none".

IF you resigned under pressure, it is not a voluntary resignation. The pressure came from the employer and it is  often a wrongful dismissal. (Yes, I sound biased in your favour. Would you hire a lawyer who wasn't prepared to advocate on your behalf?)

IF your salary has been reduced  by 15% or greater, you have been fired  even if you still work for the employer.

IF the original terms of employment have been significantly and unilaterally  modified, it ,too, is a  form of termination. IF you acquiesce in these terms  for more than 90 days, they become the new terms of employment-automatically, and without formal warning. (Yes, the law of contacts is often not written down, in fact most of the time, and it remains the cornerstone of our socio-economic-legal system.)

IF your employer pays you what is required by law under the Employment Standards Act Ontario (ESA) and advises  you it has fulfilled its legal obligations under the law you are being duped into seeing  only the tip of the iceberg.

A lot of IF's at work.

Employment law is a two-tiered system- a law for those who do not consult lawyers and a law, which can reward  tenfold, for those who do.

Under common law principles, which have  developed since Magna Carta* (1215), you are likely entitled to one month,  sometimes more per year worked.

Always bear in mind the employer has but one goal- PROFIT for itself.  Your employer is not your friend, or family. You are only welcome at work a long as you are a functional cog in its profit-making machinery.  IF your job has become your reason for living, please see a medical professional, for no lawyer can, by law and learning,  assist you there. Never stop asking questions and always answer a question with a question, unless it's a police officer doing the asking.

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The above is for information purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult a lawyer, that is one who is licensed to practice law in  your jurisdiction.

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